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SIGISMONDO 3.4oz Extrait de Parfum


Sigismondo is inspired by one of the most famous and intrepid leaders in Italian history. Lord of Gradara Castle he reigned here together with his wife Isotta, defending it strenuously in the epic battle called “Assedio”. An impetuous attack launched by an enemy army ten times more powerful and a hundred times more numerous, nevertheless failed to conquer the fortress thanks to the skill and courage of its warlord Sigismondo. 

This creation opens with the strength and impetus of precious Italian Saffron carefully balanced in a high-wire act with Ceylonese Cinnamon. It rests with disruptive vigour on a heart of precious woods where Red Patchouli and Cambodian Oudh stand out, blended with the persuasive notes of Bulgarian Rose and powerful aphrodisiac Indian Cypriol. This regal composition stands on grandiose foundations. The animalistic strength of precious Black Oudh from India embraces the sweetness of Vanilla Berries blended with Ambergris and Musk. A unisex fragrance, as strong and regal as the warlord Sigismondo. An extract of gentle power that will leave an indelible mark on those who scent it.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: Italian Saffron & Ceylonese Cinnamon

Middle Notes: Cambodian Oudh, Bulgarian Rose, Cypriol & Red Patchouli

Base Notes: Vanilla Flower, Ambergris, Musk & Indian Oud

3.4oz / 100ml

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