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Lucky Candy by Montale

Pierre Montale started out in the Middle East, bringing olfactory immersion and his collection of ouds to Europe and beyond for the last 20 years.

Today, the eponymous perfumer presents Lucky Candy, inspired by a surprising tarot card; with notes of marshmallow, bergamot, honey and florals, it’s a lucky fragrance with an oh-so-sweet heart.

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Liquide Gold is the first in the brand’s new Alchemical trilogy. In alchemy, the energetic forces that animate the world are contained within the different metals. The Sun governs gold, the most precious metal, which symbolizes perfection: the goal to be attained, an image of a new life.

Liquide Gold is an ambery, fruity, and spicy fragrance with notes of saffron, carrot seed, orange flower, patchouli, and vanilla.

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