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PANDOLFO 3.4oz Extrait de Parfum


Valiant Prince Sigismondo was most courageous and beloved, leading his army into battle, fighting on the front lines without recognizable trappings so as to remain unrecognized by the enemy. To better fit in with the other Knights in his army during battle, he used the name Pandolfo. His great courage and strength are mirrored in this fragrance inspired by his valor. 

The essence opens with a well-balanced bouquet where precious Musk Rose is wrapped in silky Greek Sage emphasized by mysterious Lentisk Resin from Morocco. Just like our warrior, this original head is backed up by a generous and virile heart, where a merry-go-round of woods and resins create powerful twists and turns. To increase its strength and spectacular intensity, the base of this creation combines rare Red Patchouli with the aphrodisiac effect of Musk and Ambergris. A perfume with a virile and powerful aroma, one that is able to charm and conquer, while remaining seductive and sensual. Ideal for women and men of a dominant character.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: Musk Rose, Greek Sage, Moroccan Lentisk

Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Cypriot, Indian Oudh, Indian Gurjum Balm

Base Notes: Red Patchouli, Musk, Ambergris 

3.4oz / 100ml

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