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Tous Eau de Parfum 1.0 oz


Tous gets inspired by the elegance and luxury of gold to create the fragrance Tous Eau de Parfum, a jewel in the perfumes world that follow the pure stylized and harmonious lines of Tous Eau de Toilette.

The transparency of the notes combines with the vibrant fruit of the cassis, personality of the rose stalk and the Mediterranean freshness of the petals. Floral richness where the rose becomes the main character joined with an exotic touch by the Brazilian gardenia, the freshness of the peony and the flower of the orange. The Moroccan cedar reinforces its strength and character and the white musk furnishes sensuality and bonding to the skin.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: red currant leaf, Brazilian rosewood

Heart: rose, peony, gardenia, orange blossom

Base: white musk, Moroccan cedar

Size: 1 oz. / 30 ml

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