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Tonic Water Eau de Parfum

Tonic Water Eau de Parfum

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Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Calone, Essence of Szechuan Pepper, Essence of Cardamom (Fresh Spice)
Middle notes: Ambrox, Cetalox, Cachalox
Base notes: Frankincense, Papyrus Wood (Cypriol), Vanilla Absolute, Norlimbanol


Sand as far as the eye can see, and not a soul under a golden sun. Silence is all around... And yet, suddenly everything comes to life. A fresh breeze caresses your face, you can hear the sound of the waves. And there, at the top of a dune, the deep blue of the ocean merges with the azure horizon. The waves are gaining power with extraordinary force. The sea contains the infectious energy of the elements where you feel that 'everything is possible', everything is within your reach. Tonic Water is a tribute to the ocean and the sensations we feel in the face of it; to the intense, invigorating freshness it so instantly imparts.

Only a perfumer with a love for the sea, like Alberto Morillas, could produce such a hyper-realistic evocation that captures this exact feeling. The liveliness of water is represented by Calone enhanced with cardamom and Szechuan pepper, a prodigious molecule with the power to evoke the sensation of water on the skin. To emphasize its marine nature, Cachalox and Cetalox bring their subtle mineral ambergris accents. The effect is striking, like feeling grains of sand on your skin, still wet and swept away by the spray before being carried far away by a wave.

Finally, to translate the power of the ocean into a scent, the perfumer has enhanced the accord with papyrus wood and incense. Shaded with a touch of sensual vanilla, you are left with the sensation of deliciously salty skin fresh out of the water. The sea is not far away; you are left with the mad desire to dive in again.

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