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Luna Caput Mundi 3.4 oz Extrait de Parfum

Luna Caput Mundi 3.4 oz Extrait de Parfum

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The new moon reveals itself to us as a shining black circle suspended, wondrous and perfect, in the vault of the heavens. Since ancient times she is said to possess magical powers and have a major influence on the earth, bringer of good fortune and joy to the men who turn to her.

Indeed, for centuries, especially during the glorious era of the Roman Empire, the New Moon has always been considered a symbol of good luck and future prosperity.

Under a Black Moon, cushioned by the charm of history and the glories of the Roman Empire, the children Paolo and Tiziana, together with their beloved family and dear grandparents Guglielmo and Luigia, embark on an adventurous journey into the fabulous capital of Italy. Rome has been known as Caput Mundi or capital of the world, since its very foundation.

Rome, the eternal city that crosses the entire history of humanity, bewitching in its monumental beauty, its alleys and famous squares hosts to Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. Every corner exhales history and reverie. Every building, every brick, every stone of this magnificent city is unique and magical. Here reality merges with the imaginary, legends become eternal myths and hearts beat with unceasing happiness every hour of the day and night.

On a magical night such as this, at the height of a Roman summer, strolling through beautiful Piazza Navona, symbol of Baroque Rome, Paolo and Tiziana begin their wondrous journey of discovery.Tradition has it that by closing your eyes, turning your back on the giant tub and tossing a coin over your shoulder into the fountain you not only guarantee your future return to Rome but also good luck in life.

Their hearts full of emotion, Paolo and Tiziana immediately perform the ritual, closing their eyes and turning their faces to the sky, they throw the coins grasped firmly in their small hands. At the sound of the plop in the crystalline water, they open their eyes on an even greater wonder: the magical black moon above them, ready to fulfill their every wish. The air is full of the scent of precious woods burned in the braziers and the impact of so many emotions make the two children unsteady with faintness so that their grandfather has to support them both in a strong but, at the same time, delicate embrace.

The strength of that emotion is now enclosed in this magical bottle, black like the moon that inspired it, where precious woods are mixed in a unique and regal scent.

Caput Mundi opens on a sweet, mellow, flowery note. Echoes of precious Bulgarian Rose Absolute are combined with Tea Rose and Lily of the Valley, in regal counterpoint to prized Iris supported by the strength of Cabreuva wood, native of Brazil. This gentle, princely head lies on a tenacious and courageous heart of precious black Indian Oudh and Sandalwood, expertly mixed with the Red Patchouli. These woods find strength and emphasis thanks to the acrobatic echoes of Orris and of Sicilian Red Saffron. This regal heart is rooted on a base befitting such a marvel. Here the persuasive and aphrodisiac thrust of the Gray Amber embraced by the enduring strength of Cuban Cedar and Cashmere Wood can clearly be perceived. The seal of such long lasting is the imperial impetus of the precious Agarwood from Vietnam and the Oudh from Cambodia.

Top: Bulgarian rose, musk rose, iris, lily of the valley, cabreuva

Heart: black Indian oudh, sandalwood, red patchouli, saffron, orris (Iris Root)

Base: ambergris, cedar wood, cashmere wood, agarwood, Cambodian oudh

Size: 3.4 oz. / 100 ml

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