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Sacred Groove Eau de Parfum

Sacred Groove Eau de Parfum

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Sacred Groove is inspired by the work of the Italian Domitilla Biondi, who creates beautiful art from plain white paper. 

Sacred Groove starts softly and airily, like a conductor waving a baton in the air, with light and delicate motions. An orange starts off juicy and becomes airy, a transparent grassy green lavender, and a rose in a powdery warm cloud. However, the melody of the white fragrance that follows is more correctly called warm and amber. This is not pure and cold white, but white in warm sunset lighting. Like clouds bathed in the pink and amber light of the sunset… like the white marble architecture of the Taj Mahal, which looks golden at sunset time… like a carving not on paper, but on rose marble.

Top notes: Angelica and Bitter orange;
Middle notes: Turkish rose, Iris, Jasmine, Lavender and Labdanum;
Base notes: Spices, Patchouli, Myrrh, Amber, Musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Woody Notes.

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