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MIRABILE 1.5ml Sample Vial - Extrait de Parfum

MIRABILE 1.5ml Sample Vial - Extrait de Parfum

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V Canto Mirabile Extrait de Parfum is admirable and wonderful, and it represents the fleeting moment that combines all the beauty of the world that we are sometimes lucky to behold. The moment is the spark before a wonderful kiss, and the birth of an immortal and eternal love. There is no moment more happy or admirable than that which which generates love. Here, an explosion of joy bursts forth by the force of vanilla beans, amplifying the lapping of its flowers, and then throwing in an acrobatic balance of notes composed by rum and absolute rose. What follows is an inebriation that continues to echo until the evening while one is exhausted and happy from this incredible joy of living.

An apotropaic perfume with relaxing properties like the loving caress of a mother, it has magical powers to ward off the influence of "evil spirits".

Fragrance Notes 

Top Notes: Vanilla, Malt, Opoponax

Middle Notes: Rum, Davan from the Indies, Boubon Geranium, Buchu Leaves, Lavender, Rose Absolute, Milk

Base Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Patchouli, Cloves, Tonka Bean, Musk

Size: 1.5ml Sample Vial 

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