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Gambling Eau de Parfum

Gambling Eau de Parfum

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Bold, elegant and sophisticated, Gambling spread an aura of mystery and then gradually reveals itself by bursting into a bewitching riot of olfactory notes. 
The fragrance begins with the sinuous, enveloping whisky that blends, with its warm and golden hues, with the intense aroma of coffee. A brilliant combination of spicy notes and noble woods adds body and character while bergamot and green galbanum lend a touch of freshness.
A choice of ingredients with forbidden scents. A masterfully played hand that results in a unique and fascinating creation.  

Fragrance Notes

Top: Peat whisky accord, adrenaline accord, bergamot, sichuan pepper, coffee

Heart: Lentisco, cypress, galbanum, elemi

Base: Vetiver, cedarwood, guaiac wood, ambretta seeds, benzoin, amyris, musk

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