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Borelli 3.4oz Extrait de Parfum

Borelli 3.4oz Extrait de Parfum

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This wondrous creation was inspired by the famous comet Borelli, a celestial body composed mostly of ice and stardust that moves through our solar system following an elliptical shape. Its most distinctive feature is its bright tail, which increases in intensity and brightness as it meanders closer to the Sun. It has an asymmetrical shape that further characterizes its beauty, passing periodically at different time intervals due to the influence of Jupiter's gravitational force on its orbit. This makes the journey of our comet even more mysterious and difficult to predict its next appearance, but today we can enjoy its magical influence thanks to this creation!

Comets are, in fact, the source of many legends related to extraordinary events and favorable changes for humanity, and this creation in the same way releases all its magic and power, emphasizing the positive energy and irresistible charm of the wearer.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Calabrian bergamot, Indian frangipani, Sicilian mandarin and natural aldehydes

Heart: Mexican tuberose, Bulgarian rose, ylang ylang, Italian violet and Italian lily of the valley

Base: Tuscan birch, African ebony, musk, Australian sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla

Size: 3.4 fl oz. / 100 ml

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