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Alioth 3.4oz Extrait de Parfum

Alioth 3.4oz Extrait de Parfum

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The brightest star of Ursa Major, Alioth, glistens incandescently in the night sky. Four times the size of our sun, this wonderous star reverberates with an intense and radiant light in the infinite cosmos.

The composition opens with graceful hints of rare spices preserved for decades in the Terenzi library. Precious Sardinian Saffron, considered the most delicious in the world, is counterbalanced by the freshness of black and green pepper and sweetened by the caress of Cardamom. At the heart of this radiant, pulsating perfume is an essence matured for over fifty years, Bulgarian Rose Absolute. One thousand petals of this wonderful flower are needed to extract a single drop of this nectar which is considered to be among the most aphrodisiac of essences on the planet. It is enveloped in the sensual reverberations of Ylang Ylang and supported by the mysterious power of the Cypriol from Rhodes. Precious Indian Oud is mixed with that from the forests of Cambodia and amalgamated with Madagascan Vanilla emphasized by Gray Amber and a Musk aged for over 50 years.

Alioth, is a creation that embodies the knowledge of three generations of Italian perfumers, and the exclusive luxury destined for the privileged few that are able to fully appreciate the beauty of being absolutely and unrepeatably unique

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Black pepper, cardamom

Heart: Ylang ylang, nagarmotha, patchouli

Base: Musk, grey amber, vanilla

Size: 3.4 oz. / 100 ml

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