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Abyssis 3.4oz Eau de Parfum

Abyssis 3.4oz Eau de Parfum

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Long ago in Norse sagas from the thirteenth century, I was described as the largest monster of the sea, giving rise to all fears as well as to the oldest myths. A colossal creature capable of capsizing and swallowing an entire ship with its crew. Rising up from the watery depths with my tentacled arms, I haunt nights at sea with my abyssal scent. I am a giant monster that can devour immense wooden hulls, and I cannot be defeated. More powerful than winds and tides, I am the Kraken, a creature of the depths. ABYSSIS is my sea power.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: Calypsone, Pepper white CO2 Indonesie, Pepper black oil Madagascar 

Middle Notes: Cedarwood atlas oil Morocco orpur, Ambrofix, Sandalwood

Base Notes: Styrax, Cosmone, Sylkolide

Size: 3.4oz / 100ml 

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