Explore the World of TUMI Men's Fragrances

Explore the World of TUMI Men's Fragrances

TUMI has always been a  travel lifestyle brand designed for the global citizen, but they only recently moved into the world of fragrances. The celebrated brand has finally made its debut in to the fragrance world with a collection of unwavering scents for the TUMI man, each one contemporary and unique. 

Each TUMI fragrance is connected and attuned to the precision of Greenwich Mean Time, symbolizing the different types of man who would wear the fragrances throughout the day. 

ATLAS [00:00 GMT] is bold, fresh and sophisticated, and celebrates the time one reclaims for themselves, It features citrus notes from all over the world, including Italian bergamot and Florida grapefruit, while notes of amberwood are balanced by labdanum, geranium and ginger. The freshness of Haitian vetiver and the smoky feel of Javanese vetiver create contrast. Indian sandalwood and moss complete the scent with great depth.

CONTINUUM [12:00 GMT] TUMI, is a celebration of adventure in achievements, the perfect companion on his journey. The ultimate trailblazer. He is purposefully impulsive: always wandering but never lost. He is on a journey and knows his destination: seeking adventure and thrill within success. Top notes of green mandarin and incense are complimented by an exotic oud and smoked musk base.

AWAKEN [08:00 GMT] is an energizing fragrance that is refreshing, revitalizing and stimulating. Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and coriander are balanced by mid and base notes of clary sage, fir needle, cypress, frankincense, patchouli and cedarwood. 

UNWIND [20:00 GMT] is a warm and sensually casual fragrance that helps recalibrate and reset the mind. Top notes of lemon and ginger are balanced by mid and base notes of lavender, geranium, sage, vetiver, oud and sandalwood.

KINETIC [--:-- GMT] TUMI represents a man propelled forward by his obsession with innovation and passion for life. He is a force of nature and inspires all whom he encounters. Everyone is drawn to his ambition. He walks into a room and seizes control. Utterly determined, he never stops. Impossible is unacceptable. Solution and excellence are his focus. He is in complete control not confined to the constructs of time. 

Kinetic is a seductive, masculine fragrance that draws its strength for the power of vibration. The top note reveals a new generation of amber with diffusive notes of amberwood. The drydown’s big aura instinctively attracts with notes of smoky vanilla, sandalwood and teakwood, creating the ultimate signature.

Whoever you are or aspire to be, TUMI fragrances encompass every type of man, at all points during his daily journey. 

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