Discovering the World of Nishane

Discovering the World of Nishane

NISHANE is the first Istanbul-based niche fragrance house, with each scent artfully crafted with exceptional taste and a unique point of view. 

Inspired by the strong traditions, modern vision and the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul, NISHANE is a collection of sophisticated fragrances designed with utmost care.

Each NISHANE fragrance is designed as a tribute to different emotions and moods. NISHANE sees the perfume creation as an important form of art and is gaining a big reputation by storytelling with perfumes. "Collection Rumi" inspired by the quotes of Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî, "Shadow Play Trilogy" inspired by the traditional shadow play also known as "Karagöz & Hacivat", "Collection Imaginative" inspired by the novella "The Little Prince", and "No Boundaries Collection" are designed to help connect the emotions of people of this world. Not only is NISHANE telling stories with these collections, but many of these scents have started to be defined as iconic, such as Hacivat, Ani, Hundred Silent Ways, and Fan your Flames.

NISHANE is a brand that all fragrance aficionados need to check out. The fragrances are modern, compelling, elevated, and each will inspire a story. 


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