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NANATOPIA Eau de Parfum

NANATOPIA Eau de Parfum

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Fragrance Notes

Top - Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Rum Pure Jungle Essence

Heart - Banana Bread, Melted Caramel

Base - Tonka Bean Absolute, Cypriol Essential Oil, Orcanox


Nanatopia opens with the unmistakable scent of banana bread made with overripe bananas – caramelized to perfection. This isn't mere fruit; it's a full-blown rum-soaked indulgence, a generous splash amplifying the boozy warmth of nutmeg and cinnamon. Picture the finest banana bread, still warm from the oven, and spiked with something deliciously mischievous. As the fragrance settles, it turns surprisingly seductive. Creamy tonka bean adds a velvety richness, while hints of cypriol and bring a hint of animalic musk that lingers on the skin. It's sweet, but with a sultry edge, like a wink and a smile after you've taken a deliciously messy bite.
Nanatopia is for those who crave a playful experience with a sultry twist. If you believe that sweetness can be sophisticated, and indulgence can leave a lasting mark, then this fragrance is your perfect match.

Let Your Inner Monkey Out. Nanatopia is your permission slip to embrace the silly, the sweet, the slightly unhinged side of yourself. Life's too short for boring! This fragrance is mischief bottled, a reminder that sometimes the most delicious moments are the ones fueled by pure, joyful chaos.

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