Tiziana Terenzi White Fire - White Glass Camino Triple Wooden Wick with Lid Candle

Tiziana Terenzi

The silence of the snow; its dazzling white brought alive and sparkling by the flickering flames. The high elevation campfire on a glacier in the Italian Alps; the crisp clean air, the energizing fresh smell of snow, the intoxicating oxygen, and the dampened smell of fire on ice, all in the glow of the first light of dawn.

This creation embodies the unique power and beauty of nature, crystal clear in our eyes, hearts, and our most intimate olfactory memories.The good,clean fragrance is simple and silvery, like the carefree laughter of a child, and innocent and gentle as a loving caress

Product Details:
  • With lid
  • Handmade
  • All natural and toxin-free
  • Burn time: 180 hours (approximately)
  • Triple wooden wick: reproducing the gentle and soothing crackling of a fireplace
  • Food-grade vegetable wax
  • White glass decorated with 24 carat gold
  • Made in Italy

Fragrance Notes:

Top: green leaves

Heart: Chinese jasmine

Base: sandalwood, amber, musk

Size: 35.3 oz. / 1000 g. 

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