Tiziana Terenzi Laudano Nero - Black Glass Foco Double Wooden Wick with Lid Candle

Tiziana Terenzi

Paris in a bottle. Paris on a rainy autumn day: rain beating on slate rooftops, stone streets lit by dim lights. A small fire at the crossroads of Montmartre heats musicians and acrobats. The magical and melancholic atmosphere is steeped in precious scents that echo this timeless place: an unusual infusion of absinthe-like camphor, rich labdanum and cognac, a strong vein of precious woods and resins.

Product Details:
  • With lid
  • Handmade
  • All natural and toxin-free
  • Burn time: 120 hours (approximately)
  • Double wooden wick: reproducing the gentle and soothing crackling of a fireplace
  • Food-grade vegetable wax
  • Black glass decorated with 24 carat gold
  • Made in Italy

Fragrance Notes:

Top: absinthe, cognac, rosemary, Latakia tobacco, myrtle, black amber

Heart: red rose, Acacia honey, cedarwood, iris, sandalwood, rosemary, flowering ash, slate, cashmere, Camphor laurel

Base: incense, vetiver, Madagascar vanilla, Bay leaf, gum rockrose, agarwood, musk, oak

Size: 17.6 oz. / 500 g.

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