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Lalique Parfums

Soleil Lalique 2ml Sample Vial - Eau de Parfum


The scent is as honeyed as the morning light. The softly rounded bottle is shaped like the rays of the sun. Vibrant with Living Coral, the Pantone Institute's color of the year 2019, the box offers a joyful contrast between the warm, orange-pink hue of a tropical reef and a splash of golden rays, radiating from the "O" of Soleil Lalique.

As an added, playful touch, a jewel is wound around the neck of the bottle. A golden tab bearing the name of the fragrance, chained to a tassel with a glass bead. Inspired by a Lalique pair of earrings drawn from the 1927/1928 Collection, which resurrects a motif designed by René Lalique, sculpted with timelessly elegant graphic accents. Unwind it, and voilà: it becomes a charm bracelet.*

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