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Lalique Parfums

Lalique de Lalique 3.3 oz Limited Edition 2013 "Libellule" Crystal Extrait de Parfum


The dragonfly is an enchanting insect that only spends a few weeks in the splendor of its adulthood. Its lightweight, fragile appearance and the elegance of its flight link it to freedom. In America, it is the messenger of dreams, while it gives Japan the poetic nickname of Dragonfly Island. However, its shimmering and shiny wings can also represent an illusory reality...Beautifully deceptive, the dragonfly is also known as the “devil’s horse”!

Floral top notes introduce an elegant bouquet of Bulgarian roses, jasmine, spicy wallflower and powdery iris on a fruity heart made up of blackcurrant leaves, wild blackberries and pears. Woody and mellow, the base blends Mysore sandalwood, Bourbon vanilla, white musk and amber notes.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: rose essence, jasmine, clove flower, orris

Heart: blackcurrant leaves, blackberry, pear

Base: sandalwood mysore, vanilla, white musks

Size: 3.3 oz. / 100 ml

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