Orlov Paris Flame of Gold 2.5 oz Eau de Parfum

Orlov Paris

Sparkling with a thousand fires, this blazing blend was named from a canary-yellow diamond owned by flame-haired movie star Greer Garson. To conjure the gems tawny glow, the perfumer has fused the two most sensuous notes in his palette. An extravagant overdose of velvet-smooth musk suffuses the scent with a luxurious, captivating aura, fired up by powerfully radiant amber notes. Sweetly smoky guaiac, cocoa-dark patchouli, bracing Virginia cedar and luscious sandalwood: the richest wood essences fuel this lustrous Flame of Gold. An incandescent delight.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: patchouli, cedar

Heart: sandalwood

Base: leather, vanilla

Size: 2.5 oz. / 75 ml

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