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Tiziana Terenzi Classic Luna Collection

The Luna Collection journey comes to life through memories, and memoriesstimulate dreams. This collection speaks of the moon’s magic and theconstellations that populate our sky. The bottle has a soft matte feel, cylindrical shape and is decorated with an innovative treatment that tints it a pale white colour, exactly like our gorgeous moon. The black and red moon fragrances are housed in red and black glossy-smooth round bottles.

The top is made of precious metal and is a veritable work of art from Italian jewellers, thanks to its lacquering, chiselling and bas relief that take inspirationfrom the famous study of the moon’s phases by Leonardo da Vinci. At the centreis the Earth opposite the sun that is shining its rays. Flowing across the crown are the various phases of the moon, ranging from new to full. It is entirely plated with a gram of gold and can be used as an elegant, scented paperweight due to its shape and significant weight.


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