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Tiziana Terenzi Classic Collection

In the Classic Collection, there are two animated souls that are simultaneously contrasting and complementary.

The first is a shiny, radiant gold captured in a gold bottle. The gold bottle houses perfumes that recount experiences lived in contact with surrounding nature. It reveals a level of experience that draws its strength from the beauty of nature lived with heightened sensibilities and that emanates its radiant scents just like the glittering of the pure gold on the sides of the bottle.

The second is a pensive, introspective black housed in a monolithic black bottle. The bottle represents an internal, very intimate journey to discover one’s self: our deepest, most private soul that resides within us and is revealed completely to very few. The journey recalls not only stunning places, but also a universal state of mind.

They were both invented and designed in accordance with the teachings of Leonardo Da Vinci, who was an apt appraiser of aural proportions and perfection.


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