Ways to Score Perfume Samples

Finding a new scent for yourself or a loved one is not an easy task. However, there comes a time in everybody’s life when people start looking for the next fling in their perfume hunt. In today’s perfume hunt, scoring perfume samples of new and worthy fragrances is necessary before committing to buy one. There are questions regarding fragrance options ranging from box colognes to clean scents like Tous Touch.

Buying perfumes is challenging, especially if you opt for online sources. Scoring samples is the easiest way to try out scents without paying for a whole bottle. Here is how you can get free samples that we recommend before the real deal.

Securing Perfume Samples

Perfumes are unique and personal, so it is better to test them before you buy them. You will be glad to know that there are various sources of scoring perfume samples of renowned scents like Tous Fragrance in natural ways:

    Through Online Stores

      Let's face it. Buying perfumes or fragrance from online stores is a risk that not many are willing to take. However, our online store offers various samples in small vials that you can order at a meager price. The price you pay for samples will be worthwhile in your search for a scent that matches your personality. And although some other shops offer samples with purchase of any item or as a promotional giveaway with or without purchasing. Be on the lookout for such offers during your perfume hunt.

        In Exchange For Information

          Some stores (online or offline) offer free samples in exchange for contact information. This works just like signing up for a newsletter, but here you receive samples of popular scents like Tous perfume or others that you can use for the time being. Besides signups, some stores have offers or surveys that you can participate in and receive free samples after answering. 

            Ask For Samples

              A relatively easy way is to ask for samples from a local store or mall where you usually buy. Manufacturers of perfumes always provide retail shops with perfume samples intended for customers. You can ask for samples and get them free or pay some amount (for priced samples). Either way, you will receive a small vial of any renowned perfume you can use for some time and determine whether it suits you. 

                Becoming a Product Tester

                  Perfume manufacturers sometimes offer their customers a chance to become a product tester during their promotional campaigns. They have various perfume samples that you can try out as product tester and provide feedback for each. Sometimes they offer samples as gifts for feedback or comments regarding new perfume range launch.

                    Buying Discovery Sets with a Voucher to Purchase

                      Perfume stores and brands are starting to offer a grouping of 5 or more samples and giving vouchers for part of the purchase towards a full-size perfume purchase.  These groupings of samples are called Discovery Sets.  And online stores like are even creating their own customized sets to enhance the customers ability to try new fragrances. Tous Touch is a popular fragrance that isn't offered in a brand discovery set, but can be purchased on