How to choose a Fragrance or Perfumes for Men

we all know how hard it is to select a perfect gift for men. how often do women have asked themselves what gift to buy for a husband, lover, boyfriend, or any other man in their like.? what, where, and when to buy are the thoughts that race into minds every time they want an original and memorable gift that their man will love.

considering all the competition in the men’s gifting category, we would suggest going for fragrance gifts. below are points to consider;

Why Perfumes?

everybody likes to look and smell attractive, and this idea holds for both men and women. for men, wearing a fragrance makes them feel more attractive, but it also boosts their confidence with women. Even if a man is married, a compliment from women regarding their smell makes them feel better about themselves.

women have an acute sense of smell, which makes perfume selection very easy for them. they can walk in a store and order christian siriano perfume without too much hassle. however, for men, this can be a little tricky.

You Can Divide Men Into A Number Of Categories With It’s Time to Buy a Fragrance

perfume experts suggest that the best way to select fragrance gifts for your man is to figure out the category he belongs to as there are four types:

  • Casual Man

laid back and relaxed individual who has a sense of adventure in him. he prefers light fragrances the have a stimulating dose of energy with a clean scent and natural touch. his fragrance category is woody and citrus smells like bentley black and tumi men’s fragrance duo available at

  • Bold Man

trendsetter who likes to be the center of attention and wants a perfume that has a vibrant and unique smell with a lasting impression. selections of woody and aromatic notes such as bentley for men or tumi men’s fragrance duo will resonate with his fragrance preference.

  • Classic Man

traditional confident man who loves a smell the makes him feel fresh and empowered wherever he is present. goes for aromatic scents that give him a masculine feel.

  • Sensual Man

creative and charismatic man who prefers a sophisticated taste. he likes to wear exotic and aromatic scents that give a mysterious vibe, making him feel more attractive. tumi men’s fragrance duo and bentley for men will be the perfect choice for such man.

Points To Remember Before Buying

  • remember your relationship with this man before making a selection
  • consider their personality (match them according to the category listed above)
  • observe their taste in food and drinks that will make the choice of fragrance gifts easy
  • choose a time of day and consider their everyday lifestyle

Scent Types

the selection of perfume as a gift is not natural but also not impossible. before selecting, be sure to try out some perfume samples from the store to have an idea that matches your man’s preferred scent family.

Here Are a Few Scents You Can Consider:

  • vintage scents for old school gentlemen
  • oriental scents for easy going and relaxed men
  • musk based scents for lady-killer type
  • fruity or floral scents for modern guys
  • adventurers love fresh scents